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Visit Milan in 3 days: the most beautiful things to see

Milan is a city rich in art and culture that nourishes both mind and body. It offers many attractions and opportunities. Below, we recommend what not to miss during your weekend in Milan.

Milan Cathedral
If you’re in Milan for a few days, a visit to the Cathedral is a must. It’s a work of architecture rich in Gothic details, including the famous golden Madonnina, a reference point for locals and tourists alike. A stone’s throw away is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – the so-called “Milan’s living room” – which surprises with its glass ceiling and black and gold shop signs.

La Scala Theatre Museum
Born from the collection of the antiquarian Jules Sambon, it preserves the memory and footsteps of those who have trod the stage of this opera house. A place of rare beauty, commissioned by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.

Brera Art Gallery
Visiting the Pinacoteca is one of the most exciting things to do in Milan. It houses the most important collection of Italian paintings from the 13th to the 20th century, the result of the Brera Academy’s cultural project.

Sempione Park
It is almost an open-air museum and designed in the style of English gardens. A huge green area built at the end of the 19th century, right next to the Castello Sforzesco.

Museo del Novecento
A selection of over 400 works from the 20th century exhibited inside the Palazzo dell’Arengario and the Palazzo Reale. A fascinating experience that should definitely be included in an itinerary of a few days in Milan.

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Visit Milan: the most beautiful events during the year

Have you booked your holiday in Milan Retreats and you can’t wait to discover Milan and its charm? The capital of Lombardy is a city of large numbers, a world-class economic, cultural and artistic hub that offers truly unique, sometimes unusual, but always memorable experiences.

Rich as it is in festivals, fairs, museums, and events that enliven the city’s streets and spaces throughout the year, Milan offers moments to be enjoyed that are ideal for all ages, in the company of friends, family, or alone, between entertainment and culture. Located in various parts of the city, our flats are strategically positioned for easy access to the locations of your desired events.

Pampered by the comfort of our rooms and the convenience of our services, you can make the most of Milan’s vitality by following some of the tips we write in this article to plan the things to do and see in the city month by month.

The emblem of Milan’s cultural life is undoubtedly Milan Fashion Week. During this week, through Piazza Affari, Palazzo Citterio, Brera, and Piazza Duomo, the entire city dedicates its attention to the celebration of fashion, with iconic events organised by the world’s most prestigious fashion houses such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and Armani. Running alongside them there are many emerging artists who find in this event a relevant showcase to try to emerge in this fascinating world. It is during these days that the annual collections are presented on the catwalks and during flamboyant parties. It is a must event for the eyes and spirit of fashion enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

For fans of this goliardic festivity, Ambrosiano Carnival in Milan is a perfect opportunity to remain children and throw confetti for a few extra days. Compared to other carnival traditions, the diversity of the Ambrosian rite means that the beginning of Lent does not fall on Ash Wednesday but on the following Sunday, and so the celebrations extend to Saturday, which replaces the Roman Mardi Gras. Carriages, parades and jokes, spending the weekend in the city centre at this time will be a different but always exciting experience for young and old.

It is the month in which spring begins, but also the time for one of the sweetest and most representative family celebrations: Father’s Day. What to do in Milan to best celebrate this day with your children? Going to the MUBA could be an excellent idea. It is located inside the Rotonda – in via Besana – and it offers exhibitions and activities dedicated to children and their families, with the aim of learning through play and direct experience. It’s a magical adventure not to be missed.

Art and design enrich April events with two unmissable fairs: Salone del Mobile and miart. Salone del Mobile – held at the Foro Buonaparte – is an essential annual appointment for design lovers, a fulcrum for the promotion of Italian excellence in this sector. A way of discovering innovations exported worldwide and, why not, jotting down some original ideas that can be realised at home. miart is the international modern and contemporary art fair presenting masterpieces from the 20th century to the present day. Works created during the 20th century by the greatest modern artists can be admired at this fair and, according to the annual theme, a selection committee screens proposals from galleries promoting new contemporary talent.

In this month, a leisurely stroll through the city is enough to live an evocative and captivating experience. Piano City is the event that takes music out of its conventional places such as theatres, auditoriums and stadiums and bring it into squares, homes and parks. Disruptive music that does not wait to be heard, but imposes its presence everywhere and at any moment.

Milan is tinged with rainbow hues for Pride month. June is dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community and is full of events that involve the entire city, starting from Porta Venezia. Walks, theatre performances, talks, all in the name of the freedom to be oneself.  Following the line of inclusiveness, not to be missed is also FringeMi. It’s a performing arts festival, born with the intention of activating changing neighbourhoods through theatre. A new way of experiencing theatre under the sign of tolerance, fun and light-heartedness, not forgetting reflection and intensity.

In one of the hottest months of the year, Milan offers a chance to cool down in the night shade of the moon, with evening events organised as part of the event “Milano è viva al Castello Sforzesco”. Within its centuries-old walls, Castello Sforzesco hosts concerts, including jazz, pop, classical and electronic music and specially organised shows for children. This is an opportunity for the whole family to spend a pleasant evening with friends in Milan’s historic castle, which can easily be reached on foot from one of our flats located a stone’s throw from Cadorna Station.

The sultriness of August urges the search for some refreshment, to be found perhaps lying under the wide branches of a tree, immersed in the nature of a green park. Milan is full of ideal places to relax and enjoy history and culture at the same time. An ideal walk could start from any one of our flats in the direction of Parco Sempione, located next to the Palazzo Sforzesco, and continue towards the Brera Botanical Garden, which preserves around 300 different species. Here you can stop and then you can reach the Brera Astronomical Museum, a few steps away, where you can also visit the Schiaparelli Dome. Among nature, history and science, this Milanese walk ends at the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens, in the area of Porta Venezia: it’s optimal for stretching one’s legs under the cool shade of fir, maple or beech trees.

This is the month when Milan merges with Turin for MITO, the International Festival dedicated to classical music. A unique stage that unites the two cities, based on a specific theme designed each year to fascinate and amaze the public, with the participation of artists of international calibre.  If you want to move between the two cities to enjoy more events, you could stay in one of our flats near the Central Station. It’s ideal for a quick trip to your new destination. Not to be missed is also Video Sound Art, a festival and production centre for contemporary art. The intent of the festival is not only the exhibition, but also boost creativity connecting works, artists and the territory. In addition to these cultural events, there is the autumn edition of Milano Fashion Week during which great international designers present the collections for the following spring and summer, between catwalks and cocktail parties. On this occasion, in continuous growth, fashion gives the world its latest avant-gardes.

An unmissable event of recent creation is the Milano Wine Week. Wine enthusiasts cannot fail to be beckoned by this event to discover new sensations through masterclasses and in-depth forums. The event is both for those who work in the sector – and want to keep up with technical innovations – and for enthusiasts curious to know what lies behind a good bottle of wine. Tastings and wine shops complete the perfect picture of this exciting sensory experience.

In November, jazz music fills Milan with JAZZMI, a music festival that brings together more than a hundred locations around the city. A way to listen to good music and learn about the history, characters and evolution of a musical genre that has made its way by fusing existing genres such as blues, gospel, folk and classical music. To easily reach all the venues of this festival, you have our transfer service at your disposal.

The year draws to a close and Milan is tinged with magic. For the entire month of December, Piazza Duomo hosts Christmas markets where you can buy handmade gifts – for yourself or your loved ones – and taste typical food from various regions. To get close to ancient and present traditions, if you wish, you can organise a walk on the day of the lighting of the Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo, the day of the patron saint’s celebrations of Sant’Ambrogio, too. It’s a way to add a touch of wonder to your life, in the moment that officially opens the Christmas season. By choosing the right flat among the several available in the area, you could fall asleep lulled by the lights of the bright Christmas tree in the distance. A major cultural event is the premiere of La Scala, which marks the opening of the prestigious theatre’s opera season, attended by prominent personalities.

In a city full of opportunities and events, which satisfies every artistic, cultural, historical, musical and gastronomic passion, choosing the right location where to comfortably spend the night is certainly an added value, especially if you want to have a hassle-free and carefree experience. Our flats – located throughout the city – are certainly the ideal solution to enjoy your stay in Milan.


Restaurants, bistros and starred restaurants: Milan offers many possibilities for every type of palate. Here are some tips for eating in Milan.

  • Dal Bolognese (Via Amadei, 8)
  • Da Bruno (Via Gonzaga, 6)
  • Santa Lucia (Via San Pietro all’Orto, 3)
  • Cantina Piemontese (Via Laghetto, 2)
  • La risacca 6 (Via Marcona, 6)
  • Da Giacomo (Via Cellini angolo Via Sottocorno)
  • Ratanà (Via De Castillia, 28)
  • Antica Trattoria della Pesa (Viale Pasubio, 10)

Monuments and Museums

Milan has many museums, monuments, hidden courtyards and architectural works that deserve to be visited.

Here below is a short list of things to do and see if you visit Milan:

  • CASTELLO SFORZESCO a fortress with more than 500 years of history
  • PINACOTECA DI BRERA one of the most important art galleries of the world
  • CENACOLO VINCIANO where the famous masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci is preserved
  • PINACOTECA AMBROSIANA an incredible journey between art and history
  • MUSEO POLDO PEZZOLI one of the world’s most famous private house museums
  • PALAZZO REALE a great palace dedicated to art and its most famous occupants
  • MUSEO DEL NOVECENTO an exceptional centre of art from the 20th century
  • MUSEO DI STORIA NATURALE a small treasure dedicated to science
    and nature
  • MUSEO TEATRALE ALLA SCALA an incredible journey through the history of music
  • MUSEO DEL RISORGIMENTO history and people that made the country
  • CASA MANZONI a journey through the life and works of the great writer
  • MEMORIALE DELLA SHOAH a symbolic place not to forget
  • ATLAS – FONDAZIONE PRADA 7 floors of artworks and installations of modern art

Duomo of Milan

Even though you might not be interested in religion, visiting the Duomo is a must see if you are in Milan. The Duomo of Milan is majestic, beautiful, rich in history, with plenty of interesting features and curious tales, and filled with worshippers at any time of the day. It is considered the third catholic church in the world after St Peter’s in the Vatican and the Seville cathedral.

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco is considered one of the main attractions of Milan, although in the past the citizen of Milan tried to destroy it a few times. The hated castle had been, for centuries, the symbol of tyranny and foreign oppression. With the unification of Italy, the castle was turned into an art and historical centre, and in time it became a symbol of the city.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

One of the first stops in Milan has to be the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, considered as one of the most elegant meeting points near the Duomo. The Galleria is also one of the main symbols of the“Milano’s style” and it has witnessed the changes to the city over the last two centuries. Did you know that all the shops’ signs in the Galleria need to be of the same colour (written in gold on a black background)? Since the 1900s, showing off your fur coat in the Galleria while sipping a coffee at Biffi was a must.  Also, following an old tradition, spinning 3 times on the testicles of the bull portrayed on the mosaic floor, will bring you luck.

Cenacolo Vinciano

The last supper was painted by Leonardo in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie between 1494 and 1497, work commissioned by Ludovico il Moro. The artist decided to approach his creation by using innovative techniques since the paint itself was not on canvas but right on the wall. Sadly due to unfortunate circumstances his technique did not work and the paint started to deteriorate. On the following centuries there have been several attempts in order to save his masterpiece. In 1999, thanks to the removal of the old repaintings, it was possible to bring back to light what remained of the original drafts; all this, after over 20 years of attempts of restorations.
In order to maintain Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, the access to the Cenacolo Vinciano is limited to small groups of maximum 25 persons, only certain days of the week.


Milan is the world capital of fashion and design. Walking through via della Spiga, via Montenapoleone and via Manzoni you can admire the boutiques of the biggest names in world fashion.

Our best suggestions for the main shopping areas of Milan

  • VIA MONTENAPOLEONE The most luxurious street in Milan, where you can find the most prestigious brand
  • CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE The street in which you can find more affordable shops or good quality brands
  • CORSO DI PORTA TICINESE You will find plenty of vintage antique and unique shops such as atelier and art workshops
  • VIA BRERA Where you can find exclusive jewelers, antique shops and craftsmen that will make you tailor made perfumes
  • SERRAVALLE DESIGNER OUTLET Only 50 minutes away from Milan combines together high fashion shopping with a wonderful landscape that recalls the ligurian borough