Category: Things to do in Milan

Monuments and Museums

Milan has many museums, monuments, hidden courtyards and architectural works that deserve to be visited.

Here below is a short list of things to do and see if you visit Milan:

  • CASTELLO SFORZESCO a fortress with more than 500 years of history
  • PINACOTECA DI BRERA one of the most important art galleries of the world
  • CENACOLO VINCIANO where the famous masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci is preserved
  • PINACOTECA AMBROSIANA an incredible journey between art and history
  • MUSEO POLDO PEZZOLI one of the world’s most famous private house museums
  • PALAZZO REALE a great palace dedicated to art and its most famous occupants
  • MUSEO DEL NOVECENTO an exceptional centre of art from the 20th century
  • MUSEO DI STORIA NATURALE a small treasure dedicated to science
    and nature
  • MUSEO TEATRALE ALLA SCALA an incredible journey through the history of music
  • MUSEO DEL RISORGIMENTO history and people that made the country
  • CASA MANZONI a journey through the life and works of the great writer
  • MEMORIALE DELLA SHOAH a symbolic place not to forget
  • ATLAS – FONDAZIONE PRADA 7 floors of artworks and installations of modern art

Duomo of Milan

Even though you might not be interested in religion, visiting the Duomo is a must see if you are in Milan. The Duomo of Milan is majestic, beautiful, rich in history, with plenty of interesting features and curious tales, and filled with worshippers at any time of the day. It is considered the third catholic church in the world after St Peter’s in the Vatican and the Seville cathedral.

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco is considered one of the main attractions of Milan, although in the past the citizen of Milan tried to destroy it a few times. The hated castle had been, for centuries, the symbol of tyranny and foreign oppression. With the unification of Italy, the castle was turned into an art and historical centre, and in time it became a symbol of the city.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

One of the first stops in Milan has to be the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, considered as one of the most elegant meeting points near the Duomo. The Galleria is also one of the main symbols of the“Milano’s style” and it has witnessed the changes to the city over the last two centuries. Did you know that all the shops’ signs in the Galleria need to be of the same colour (written in gold on a black background)? Since the 1900s, showing off your fur coat in the Galleria while sipping a coffee at Biffi was a must.  Also, following an old tradition, spinning 3 times on the testicles of the bull portrayed on the mosaic floor, will bring you luck.

Cenacolo Vinciano

The last supper was painted by Leonardo in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie between 1494 and 1497, work commissioned by Ludovico il Moro. The artist decided to approach his creation by using innovative techniques since the paint itself was not on canvas but right on the wall. Sadly due to unfortunate circumstances his technique did not work and the paint started to deteriorate. On the following centuries there have been several attempts in order to save his masterpiece. In 1999, thanks to the removal of the old repaintings, it was possible to bring back to light what remained of the original drafts; all this, after over 20 years of attempts of restorations.
In order to maintain Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, the access to the Cenacolo Vinciano is limited to small groups of maximum 25 persons, only certain days of the week.


Milan is the world capital of fashion and design. Walking through via della Spiga, via Montenapoleone and via Manzoni you can admire the boutiques of the biggest names in world fashion.

Our best suggestions for the main shopping areas of Milan

  • VIA MONTENAPOLEONE The most luxurious street in Milan, where you can find the most prestigious brand
  • CORSO VITTORIO EMANUELE The street in which you can find more affordable shops or good quality brands
  • CORSO DI PORTA TICINESE You will find plenty of vintage antique and unique shops such as atelier and art workshops
  • VIA BRERA Where you can find exclusive jewelers, antique shops and craftsmen that will make you tailor made perfumes
  • SERRAVALLE DESIGNER OUTLET Only 50 minutes away from Milan combines together high fashion shopping with a wonderful landscape that recalls the ligurian borough